Friday, 14 August 2015

Just Google it

Want Best Friend in Digital Era
Do friendship with Google, just enjoy it.

Wanna knowlegde on something
GoggleSearch at ur fingertips, just enter it. 

Wanna get the direction
Google Map always with you, just locate on it.

Wanna see beautiful Videos
Go to Youtube, just watch on it.

Wanna have a pleasure while using Mobile
Android is waiting at door, just open & use it.

Wanna speed while browsing
Have a Chrome, enjoy surfing on it.

Wanna be become Smart with MobileApps
GoogleAppStore is open, just pick it

Wanna share your thoughts
Blogger is your stage, just unleash on it.

Wanna take Linguistic Help
GoogleTranslate at your service, just avail it.

Wanna use better E-mail facility
Login to GMail, just compose it.

Wanna schedule your Work
Google Calender is hanging, just mark on it.

Wanna share your memories
Go to Google photos, just upload on it

Wanna stay updated
Google news are flying,  just catch it

Wanna chat or Video call
Bring Google Hangouts, just hang-on it

Wanna to live stressfree in a digital world
Google is everywhere, just rely on it